Bellingham Linux Users Group

The Bellingham Linux Users Group meets each Wednesday from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Minster of sacrum in downtown Bellingham. It is a free and open community for people who use or want to use, Linux. This group also welcomes new members and offers many ways to get involved in the Bellingham Linux community. If you are new to using Linux or interested in using it, you should look into joining the Bellingham Linux Users Group.

Creative business colleagues discussing over computer in officeThe Bellingham Linux Users Group organizes regular open source meetings. These meetings are a great place to meet other like-minded users of Linux and open source software. You can ask questions, discuss current issues, suggest improvements, make plans, and shareware or distribution downloads. If you are just starting out using Linux, you will be happy to know that there are many tutorials, books, and online resources available to help you get started. If you are more comfortable working with Windows programs, there are also plenty of local lugs (user groups) in Bellingham that you can join.

If you are not sure what a user group is, don’t worry; most of them are very welcoming and have plenty of useful information to share. Most user groups are similar, except for differences in focus. Some groups are more concentrated on a specific application, while others are focused on sharing information and experiences with other Linux users. There is no one group that decides which projects to work on or what types of activities to participate in.

An annual event, Bellingham Linux Installfest, draws hundreds of enthusiastic users. This is a great way to get together with other Linux users, learn about different distributions, and network with experienced users. The Bellingham Linux Users Group has been running a long-standing version of this event for several years. The reason it is so popular is the availability of information. As the organizer, I am often asked questions by new participants who don’t really know much about Linux. It is not a big deal to provide information; however, I do enjoy showing people the variety of distros available and how their experience differs from my own.

During the two week long weekend, attendees get together and enjoy food, drinks, networking, and the opportunity to participate in an open source software installation festival. The primary goal of the Bellingham Linux Installfest is to share experience and knowledge with other participants. It is not a “one size fits all” event. People of all skill levels, experience levels, and interests gather to share their ideas, shareware programs, and shareware tools.

To be successful, an event like Bellingham Linux Installfest needs to be supported by its members and organizers. This year, I have decided to use the local lugs to help us with a sponsorship. I will be using some of the sponsorship money to buy promotional items for the event, and the rest will go into the Bellingham Linux Users Group accounts.

In addition to hosting an annual Linux installfest in March, we also plan to have another large regional event in April. I will make a list of volunteers to help run the event as well as create local lugs. The next few months will be busy as I begin to expand our membership. I am also going to start promoting Bellingham Linux Users Group on the Internet, online, and through other means, to spread the word about this user group and our monthly Bellingham Linux Installfest.

I have personally become quite excited about sharing this exciting event with the Bellingham Linux Users Group. I will continue to make the case that user’s groups are a great way to promote free software in general. I think we can do much more with the participation of local user groups. In addition to hosting our first annual Linux installfest, I will be working very hard to build up our local user groups list.

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