Purdue Linux Users Group

The Purdue Linux Users and Their Organizations can be found on the Internet. This is a website that is designed to help college students, alumni, faculty, and anyone else interested in learning more about what is involved with operating Linux from home. The website provides a forum and a list of what is needed for setting up and using Linux at home. The website also has some interesting articles about operating a home-based Linux operating system.

Man using phone surrounded by computer equipmentThe list of commonly shortened acronyms relating to the Abbreviation relating to a particular term is shown below. The list is ordered by the letters of the alphabet. The first letter of each word is capitalized. When acronyms are difficult to pronounce at first, a chart with the appropriate capitalization is provided.

The website offers a quiz to see how well-versed the members of a given group are when it comes to their particular operating system. Answers to these questions range from “I know nothing about this operating system” to “I have a question about this”. Anyone who answers incorrectly receives a “failure”.

Another frequently searched category is “How To Be A Linux User”. A video is provided with a link that takes a person through an overview of becoming a Linux user. There are user groups for people who want to be involved in specific tasks, such as web designers or photographers. Other user groups have people interested in all aspects of working online including webmasters, marketers, article writers, affiliates, and other online workers.

Videos on operating systems, which is one of the most popular on the purring cats’ website, is very interesting. The site was started as a student project and continued as a project of the Debian Project. It includes not just operating system and hardware specifications but also information on how to get started using Linux and even has some of the original purring cats. Some of the videos include the actual purring of a cat, a user with a cat virus, and a woman knitting a cat sweater. The cat videos may not necessarily appeal to every audience when you’re hunting for Linux information!

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