How to choose a pool cleaner?

Whether it is a new pool or a renovated pool, there are very efficient devices to ensure their cleaning. Pool cleaners are self-contained devices that take care of cleaning a pool. Read this article to find out some of the relevant criteria for choosing your pool cleaner.

Deep cleaning or full cleaning?

There are some pool robots that are specifically designed to clean the bottom of a pool. These robots perform this task in a relatively short time. These robots are recommended for rectangular pools with a gentle or very flat bottom. They are easy to use because of their light weight and can be very useful for wooden pools. In addition, there are other pool cleaners that specifically clean the water line and walls in addition to the bottom. They perform these tasks by standing upright and moving up the walls to the water line.

Pimple or foam brushes

The choice of the brush is a very important criterion to check before choosing a pool cleaner. In order to clean the pool perfectly, the robot must go up the walls and clean them properly. This is only possible with foam brushes. Therefore, any pool that has a linear lining should be cleaned by a robot equipped with a foam brush. Robots equipped with a spiked brush cannot clean a polyester pool and a tiled pool. However, some robots are equipped with both brushes and can therefore be used for all types of pools.

The remote control and the trolley

The remote control is also useful for perfect cleaning. With the remote control, you can easily direct the robot to carry out a perfect cleaning of sufficiently dirty areas. And all this only takes a little time. But if you pull the robot's cable skilfully, you can turn it in any direction. The trolley is also an important criterion when choosing a robot. With the trolley, you can store your robot without difficulty. If you want a pool cleaner with a trolley, you should choose an electric pool cleaner.