What type of smoke detector should I choose?

If you didn't already have a smoke detector, you are missing out on an important safety device for your home. It is a device that protects your home from fire by emitting signals as a warning. Read this article to find out which one to choose.

Optical Smoke Detector

The optical smoke detector is the perfect device for your home security. It has an optical chamber, which incorporates a photoelectric sensor and an LED light. The LED light is dissipated as soon as a fire starts and smoke is produced. Since this light propagates on the smoke particles. When the sensor is still affected by this LED light, it transforms the LED light into an electric current. It is this process that allows the detector to give a strong signal during fires. As they are not radioactive, this type of detector is the most recommended. Its most particular advantage is that it emits an excessively strong signal. So even if you are not at home, your neighbours will be aware of this signal and will act accordingly. However, it only has a lifespan of a decade.

The Ionic Smoke Detector

This type of smoke detector cannot function without a radioactive component. The smoke detector usually works by transforming americium 241. A chamber of this radioactive component has two different electrodes that are rigidly connected to the component. An electric current is generated by the voltage between the two different electrodes. Thus, when smoke comes from the chamber, the generated electric current triggers the signal. However, this type of detector is not recommended for use in the home, as it has serious health consequences.

 Criteria to analyse before choosing a smoke detector

To take full advantage of the function of the detector, you should analyse certain criteria before making your choice. The main criterion to be seriously analysed is the volume of the sound.  If the volume is low, you will be out of luck in the event of a fire if you are not at home or if you are asleep. If the sound power of the detector is not 80 dB at three metres, do not choose it. The other criterion is the price of the detector. An effective detector costs at least 10 euros.

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